Writing Life

I came back from Portland totally jazzed and full of ideas for improving Immortal Outlaw, the next book in the series. Deb Dixon is full of insight on things like […]

Three critical elements of a good story. Also, a terrific book by romance and women’s fiction author Deb Dixon. And finally, the title of Deb’s workshop, which she’s giving this […]

I finished IMMORTAL WARRIOR on Monday, then spent a few days catching up on life (paying bills, cleaning house, restocking the fridge, getting my hair cut, talking to my children […]

Okay, so January 1st marks the official start of the new year, and everyone else is blogging about their resolutions and plans. Not me. Not yet. I’m finishing up (this […]

Wikipedia. Great for preliminary research, though always to be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism, especially those entries on controversial subjects and/or current events. The external links at the […]

I rediscover the fluidity of time with every book I write. A few minutes of research turns into a lost hour. A day vanishes in a quick paragraph. Afternoons compress […]