Gifts for Writers and Readers

Some of my favorite gift ideas for the writer or reader in your life:

Book Darts — little folded brass place markers to slide on a page to mark exactly where you left off reading, or where that key fact is. A tin of 75 is under $10. Use this Store Locator to find them at your local independent bookseller.

Books on Writing — Try Stephen King’s On Writing or Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.

Moleskin Notebook — Available at many bookstores and usually at art stores. Many styles. If you want to splurge, buy several styles so your writer can figure out what he or she likes best.

Massage Session.

Those are my top choices, but sister romance author Cindi Myers sent out a wonderful shopping list in her weekly Market News. For a truly inexpensive gift, turn your writer on to her newsletter, which she puts out via Yahoo Groups under the name Cynthia Sterling. She focuses on romance markets, but includes information useful to all sorts of writers.

(NOTE: Rest of post temporarily missing. Cindi’s list has a ton of links, and I’m not going to port them all over just now. Come back in a week or two and I’ll have the full list in place. – Lisa, 2/11/08)


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