Back in the Swing

I came back from Portland totally jazzed and full of ideas for improving Immortal Outlaw, the next book in the series. Deb Dixon is full of insight on things like the Big Black Moment (another workshop she gave to the group), and my brain just kept clicking over new possibilities, both during the workshop and later, on the long road home (I live about 6 hours from Portland).

The big thing I realized was that I had written the initial draft of the synopsis so that it made the book about the heroine. It isn’t. It’s about the hero, as are all the books in the series, even though it is often an event in the heroine’s life that is the inciting event (another of Deb’s talking points) that starts the action. That’s the case in the new book, too, but I still need to make it Steinarr’s book, not Matilda’s. (And there you have your first tidbit of information about Outlaw–character names.)

So, for the next couple of days, I’ll be reworking the synopsis. And reading books for a contest. And working on my web site. And shopping for the bathroom remodel we’ll be starting next month.

Busy, busy.


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