My New Year

I finished IMMORTAL WARRIOR on Monday, then spent a few days catching up on life (paying bills, cleaning house, restocking the fridge, getting my hair cut, talking to my children –- all the things that went by the wayside while I was in deadline mode). I hate letting life get quite so out of control, but that’s what tends to happen at the end of a book. And it was especially bad this time, because I was so far over my contracted word count and had to simultaneously finish writing and do major cutting. Not fun, by any measure.

Anyway, now I can finally look forward, plan, and begin to progress toward the next book in the series, Immortal Outlaw. The first step is the proposal (a synopsis and three chapters, for those who don’t know), which I will have to my editor in a month. (One SMART goal!)

I can also make some decisions about this blog. I’ve been tossing out entries pretty randomly, just trying to come up with something (anything!) quick and easy while I finished Warrior. Now it’s time to develop some sort of theme. I’d be interested in what you would like to see. Personal? A journal of my writing day/progress? A roundup of my favorite writer, reader, and productivity blogs? The same sort of randomness?

Comments anyone?


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