Immortal Warrior

Virtual Booksigning

I just received a shipment of the most gorgeous bookplates from Ninth Moon, which means I can now sign your copies of IMMORTAL OUTLAW and IMMORTAL WARRIOR long distance. Just […]

Bookmarks! Bookmarks!

I had bookmarks professionally designed and printed by Earthly Charms and they are fabulous, darling.  I mean, just look at Steinarr. That back!  (Thank you, Tony Mauro) Approximately three thousand have […]

Wild is Love

I got a wonderful note from Eloisa James last week telling me she was writing about IMMORTAL WARRIOR for her monthly column at Barnes & Noble online.  The article, Wild […]

This one’s the killer contest I’ve been planning almost since I started the book.  I managed to lay hands on a reproduction Viking amulet, just like the one Ivar wears […]

I just received an email from an on-line pal who spotted copies of IMMORTAL WARRIOR in stacks of books about to be shelved in a mall in Michigan. She gets […]

I announced this on the front page of the website, but I realized I’d better duplicate the news here so my RSS subscribers can get in on the fun: In anticipation […]

They're singing my song

I have a couple of Google Alerts set up to let me know when references to my books appear on-line. So far, most of the references to Immortal Warrior I […]