Wild is Love

I got a wonderful note from Eloisa James last week telling me she was writing about IMMORTAL WARRIOR for her monthly column at Barnes & Noble online.  The article, Wild Kingdom!, went up today, and I just had a chance to read her take on heroes who spend part of their time in forms that don’t “code sexy” the way vampires and werewolves do. James highlights four books featuring atypical heroes whose beast forms initially don’t read as alpha male, men she calls “biologically challenged.” Included are heroes who take the form of allosaurs, leopards, selkies…and eagles. (The authors would be, in order:  Bangs, Feehan, Kantra…and me, and let me tell you, I feel incredibly  honored to be included in that group.)

While James notes that an eagle is at least less effeminate than, say, a swan, she claims the bird’s just not something she thinks of as alpha male material. But then she adds a sentence that makes my little author heart go pitapat: “But Hendrix transforms feathery to fantastic by weaving her plot around Alaida’s power to save Ivar.”  (Sigh.) She also very kindly mentioned the June release of IMMORTAL OUTLAW.


You can read the full article from the front page of B&N Reviews through May 10, and then find it in Eloisa’s  Archives after that.  (Lots of great articles in that archive, btw.  You should check it out.)

Discussion of today’s article is ramping up at the Romantic Reads Book Club with Eloisa leading the conversation, and Virginia Kantra and Nina Bangs scheduled to stop by. I’ll also be dropping in a little later — hope to see you there.

Oh, and check out the amazing cover for Eloisa’s upcoming THIS DUCHESS OF MINE, the story of Jemma,  the desperate Duchess of Beaumont. (Click on the cover to read an excerpt at Eloisa’s site.)

I love Eloisa James’ books (especially the Essex sisters!), but I haven’t had the time to get into the Desperate Duchesses.  Have any of you read the earlier books in the series? Which is your favorite so far?


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