Bookmarks! Bookmarks!


I had bookmarks professionally designed and printed by Earthly Charms and they are fabulous, darling.  I mean, just look at Steinarr. That back!  (Thank you, Tony Mauro) Approximately three thousand have now been mailed out to bookstores and readers’ groups, but if you want one to fondle for yourself, you can send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to me at PO Box 8092, Medford OR 97501. If you want more than one, so you can share, be sure to tell me.  I’ll also toss in a recipe for a delicious herb bread. All free. Just, please, remember that First Class stamp.  [Booksellers/Readers Groups and others who need larger quantities, please let me know using the Contact form.]


If, on the other hand, you’re a do-it-yourself type or just don’t have the patience to wait, you can print out your own bookmarks like the ones to the right—  including the special Viking lion bookmark, available only here.  Just click on the image to get to the full-sized pdf file, which you can print directly or save to print later. Four different bookmarks will print on a single sheet of paper. For best results, use white coverstock or cardstock and a color printer—but if you don’t have either of those and still want bookmarks, go for it with what you have.  Nobody said they had to be perfect.

So, take your choice. Or take both. Enjoy!

UPDATE (8/15/09): Foreign readers should send an International Reply Coupon (IRC) with their envelope. If you want bookplates also, make sure you buy enough postage for a full ounce.

UPDATE (12/26/10) I’m all out of the Immortal Outlaw bookmarks pictured, but I finally have new bookmarks for Immortal Champion. CLICK HERE for info

And to clarify: I do not have the bookmarks shown in the set of 4 together (right, above). Those are a pdf that you can print for yourself (just click on the image).  The brown Immortal Outlaw bookmarks on the left are the professionally printed ones that I can send you.


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