Virtual Booksigning

lh_2aI just received a shipment of the most gorgeous bookplates from Ninth Moon, which means I can now sign your copies of IMMORTAL OUTLAW and IMMORTAL WARRIOR long distance.

Just send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to me at PO Box 8092, Medford, OR 97501,   (Foreign readers, please use an International Reply Coupon with a full ounce of postage).

I’ll mail you an autographed—and personalized, if you’d like—self-adhesive bookplate to paste into the front of your book (or books–let me know if you need more than one). The paper and adhesive are archival quality, so they will not harm your books.  I’ll also toss in a bookmark and a recipe card with one of my family’s favorite bread recipes.

I’m so looking forward to signing your books!



  1. Hi Lisa,

    I can’t believe I just noticed this on your website!! Rancho Cucamonga (remeber??) certainly loves your books!! I’m sending my requests to you tonight for bookplates (3?) and bookmarkers (do you have all 4??) if you could personalize them as well as sign them that would be awesome!! I’ve emailed you a few times but presume you’re working on the next soon will we get it? I am enthralled with Steinarr’s story, I’ve got 25 pages left to go and then I’ll be posting a review!! Wishing you the greatest success with this one and all the rest!!
    Hope to hear from you soon!! PS: being impatient I printed copies of the book marks to hold me til my very own come from you!! 😀
    Kathy Jund Rancho Cucamonga CA!!

  2. What a cool idea, and a beautiful book plate.

  3. Lisa, I love the idea of the virtual booksigning. The bookplates are beautiful! Laron has some of the BEST stuff at Ninth Moon!

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