I’m the blogger up today at Rose City Romance Writers. Come see my nominations for the Grey’s Anatomy of books.  

Of white gloves and women

I had one of those mom assignments today—to go out and find white gloves for my son.  Not for prom, but to complete his Cogsworth the Clock costume for his […]

Jiggidy Jig

As in Home Again, Home Again. I went off on a journey with my son and his girlfriend this weekend.  No, no markets involved — rather, it was colleges. They’re […]

Your dirty mind is showing again.  I’m talking about the Marvin Gaye classic, which Amazon is giving away free today and tomorrow.  Just click the banner below and feel the […]

…at Something Wicked. Come hang out with the Wicked Authors and me and see if we can stir up some mischief.  

A standing stone with runes plays a key role in IMMORTAL WARRIOR, but if I’d seen this wonderful augmented exhibit from the Cultural History Museum in Randers, Denmark, it might […]

I was going to blog about that here, but I had a commitment over at Shapeshifter Romance, so I blessed them with my wit and perspicacity instead (though I’ll undoubtedly […]

Hot Monkey Love

Hah! That got your attention (you perv) I’m guest blogging today, Writer Saturday, at PLOT MONKEYS, the jungle home of Carly Phillips, Julie Leto, Janelle Denison, and Leslie Kelly.   […]