Lilliputia Through a Lens

Remember those dioramas we used to do as kids? Well, one of my favorite diversions Boing-Boing (“A directory of wonderful things”), has an article today on Lori Nix, an artist […]

I found a piece by Steve Martin at the Smithsonian Magazine website today. Even though the title is Being Funny, it’s not really about being funny. It’s about professionalism, finding […]

Three critical elements of a good story. Also, a terrific book by romance and women’s fiction author Deb Dixon. And finally, the title of Deb’s workshop, which she’s giving this […]

Today’s link is to Packrat’s Timeline — an eclectic but concise listing of events from 4,000,000 B.C.E. to the 17th century, with subsets covering the ancient world and the Crusades. […]

I neglected to put up a link yesterday, so today you get two. First up, Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary On-Line. Arranged thematically, this is the interactive version of the familiar reference […]

Wikipedia. Great for preliminary research, though always to be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism, especially those entries on controversial subjects and/or current events. The external links at the […]

From a site called MomLogic comes word of the following terrific cause: “Alison Mansfield is a 12-year-old on a mission. Today through Dec.15, 2007, this Fort Wayne, Ind. tween is […]

I am an inveterate doodler. If I have a piece of paper in front of me, I doodle. I illuminate the first letter of sentences, fill in O’s, do perspective […]