Jiggidy Jig


As in Home Again, Home Again.

I went off on a journey with my son and his girlfriend this weekend.  No, no markets involved — rather, it was colleges. They’re applying at (mostly) the same ones, so we went off to take a peek at campuses. All three are approximately 450 miles from home, so that  meant 8+ hours of driving each way, with three teens in the car (I took my daughter, too, rather than leave her home to harass her father), a crowded hotel suite, and miles of hiking hilly campuses. The girlfriend also had an audition at a fourth school that specializes in performing and fine arts, so that added to the general stress level (though she was way calmer than I would have been).

Anyway, after four days of non-stop kids, plus a quick stop to drop off a box of books for the baskets which will be raffled off at the Rose City Romance Writers READERS LUNCHEON (April 18, featuring special guest speaker Lucy Monroe — you really should check it out back clicking on that link), I’m back home again, looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a fresh start on the book.

How did you spend your weekend?

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