Summertime, Summertime

Ah, the joys of summer. Lazy days, hammocks under the maple tree,  corn on the cob, poison ivy… Wait. I live in southern Oregon. We have poison oak, not poison […]

I’m chatting today at Romance in the Backseat — and I have company!  Delilah Marvelle (LORD OF PLEASURE), Minnette Meador (THE CENTURION AND THE QUEEN) will be joining me, and Elisabeth […]

That’s the name of the fun site where I’m the featured paranormal author starting July 7.  The forums are already open for a discussion about IMMORTAL OUTLAW and the Immortal […]

I just got a note from Nalini Singh that she’s giving away a copy of IMMORTAL OUTLAW today as part of the countdown celebrations for the release of her latest, […]

Sorry this is a bit late. I crunched my neck somehow and haven’t been able to sit at the computer for more than two minutes without screaming in pain. However, […]

For those of you in the Portland, OR, area, I wanted to remind you to come out TODAY to the 1st Annual NW Book Festival Join me, Lisa Hendrix (IMMORTAL OUTLAW), […]

Boy, those blog tours fry me.  Writing a guest post is way harder than writing fiction, for me at least.  But I’m done now, for all practical purposes, and venturing […]

A lot of readers are emailing me privately to say how much they love IMMORTAL OUTLAW.  So how come they (and you) are not posting these glowing reviews to Amazon […]

Eavesdropper brownies

My husband hates it that I eavesdrop, but it’s a writer thing. You get the best snippets of dialogue by eavesdropping. Or sometimes you get a great recipe. This one […]

Did I remember to tell you that IMMORTAL OUTLAW is officially on the shelves as of two days ago?  I didn’t think so.  I’ve been so busy posting it everywhere […]