Lion Hunting Champion

Sorry this is a bit late. I crunched my neck somehow and haven’t been able to sit at the computer for more than two minutes without screaming in pain.

However, I’m doing a bit better now, so with the able assistance of, I have selected the winner of the Bookspotter Contest (Time to go Lion Hunting) from those entered by June 20.  And the winner of the goodie-stuffed tote bag is…//drumroll//…

#15 dawnlizabeth


Dawnlizabeth didn’t leave her email when she commented, so she needs to contact me (use the Contact form here on the website, please). CORRECTION — Oops. I did get her address, but my mail system had buried it.  I have notified dawnlizabeth and am waiting for her reply. But the following still goes, so keep commenting with your sightings!

If for any reason, dawnlizabeth does not respond by July 15, I will select another winner, this time from ALL the commenters, including any new ones that are posted in the meantime. So go ahead, keep reporting where you’ve spotted Steinarr on the prowl, using the BOOKSPOTTER link in the sidebar. You just may be lucky enough to bag a lion after all.


UPDATE :  Dawnlisabeth contacted me, so the contest is officially ended. However you can continueto post sightings or comments on Immortal Outlaw.  In fact, I encourage it! – Lisa 7/9/09

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