A question

A lot of readers are emailing me privately to say how much they love IMMORTAL OUTLAW.  So how come they (and you) are not posting these glowing reviews to Amazon and B&N?

Honestly, public pronouncements of enjoyment are the very best way you can help your favorite authors (whether you include me in that list or not).  So click those links, review away–and while you’re there, review some other book you’ve read.

We’ll all win.


  1. Hey Lisa, I haven’t read Immortal Outlaw yet, but I did post my review of Immortal Warrior on Amazon a few months ago! 🙂 I try to post them there when I review for my blog. Another author had mentioned it to me when I reviewed her book so now I try not to forget.

  2. Oops. How did I forget to post my review?? Thanks for the reminder.

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