Romance In the Back Seat

That’s the name of the fun site where I’m the featured paranormal author starting July 7.  The forums are already open for a discussion about IMMORTAL OUTLAW and the Immortal Brotherhood in general, and Terry, the owner started things off with a heavy question about human mortality. Come check out my answer and add your own questions or comments by going to the RITBS Forums.

Then be sure to wander around the rest of the site. It’s called Romance in the Back Seat because Terry actually does interviews of authors in the back seat of a moving car — a clever idea, and one which I very much wanted to get in on. Unfortunately, her schedule and mine were in opposition when she was in this part of the country, so I missed out, but my friend Sheila Roberts (LOVE IN BLOOM) hopped in her backseat and chatted for a few minutes. And another buddy, Delilah Marvelle (MISTRESS OF PLEASURE and the upcoming LORD OF PLEASURE) managed to be so naughtily entertaining that she got two spots.  Check out both ladies’ videos HERE.

See you in the Back Seat.


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