I am an inveterate doodler. If I have a piece of paper in front of me, I doodle. I illuminate the first letter of sentences, fill in O’s, do perspective studies of boxes and houses, shade round things (cylinders, balls, cones), generally make my paper unreadable. My doodles (and my incredibly sloppy editing) were the bane of my English teachers for years–hard to read drafts with not a square inch left for comments. One of the advantages of writing on the computer is that I waste less time doodling. Can’t doodle on a computer, right?

Wrong.Turns out you can, in Adobe PhotoShop, and there is at least one website devoted to such doodling, apparently referred to as Art Doodles.

On the same site, a more general article on doodles can be found here Just what I need… 



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