Cold feet need warm hearts

From a site called MomLogic comes word of the following terrific cause:

“Alison Mansfield is a 12-year-old on a mission. Today through Dec.15, 2007, this Fort Wayne, Ind. tween is collecting heavy wool socks to send to soldiers in Afghanistan. Her campaign, called “Socks for Soldiers,” is not her first effort to help the troops-not by a long shot. Since 2005, she has collected letters, Girl Scout cookies and personal-hygiene items (from both individuals and corporations) that she ships to military personnel. You can send socks to:

D. Mansfield
7136 Pine Lake Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46814

where they will be packaged for shipment.”

I challenge everyone who reads this to buy (or knit!) two pairs of warm wool socks in military colors (black, dark brown, Army green) and send them to Alison. It gets down to -40 degrees in Afghanistan. Help our guys out. Your heart will feel as warm as their feet.


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