I came back from Portland totally jazzed and full of ideas for improving Immortal Outlaw, the next book in the series. Deb Dixon is full of insight on things like […]

Three critical elements of a good story. Also, a terrific book by romance and women’s fiction author Deb Dixon. And finally, the title of Deb’s workshop, which she’s giving this […]

I finished IMMORTAL WARRIOR on Monday, then spent a few days catching up on life (paying bills, cleaning house, restocking the fridge, getting my hair cut, talking to my children […]

All our local family was off visiting their in-laws, so my little clan spent a quiet Christmas without the usual hustle-bustle. We went out to Christmas dinner (no dishes to […]

There’s more to Google Earth than finding a satellite view of your house — which is cool enough — or even seeing the land where your characters walk. You can […]

I neglected to put up a link yesterday, so today you get two. First up, Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary On-Line. Arranged thematically, this is the interactive version of the familiar reference […]