Must-See Movie

All our local family was off visiting their in-laws, so my little clan spent a quiet Christmas without the usual hustle-bustle. We went out to Christmas dinner (no dishes to do!) and decided to see a movie.

The Great Debaters is the true story of a groups of kids from Wiley College, a small black school in East Texas. In the midsts of prejudice, lynchings, and the Great Depression, a controversial coach takes four students to the national level of the college debate circuit, making them the first black team to debate white teams on an even footing. With Denzel Washington and Forrest Whitaker starring, I knew it had to be good, but the four young actors who played the debaters were every bit as good, and the message of the movie–that education is the way out, and that your mind is your only true possession–is one every child needs to hear. I heartily recommend it to all.

I hope you all got whatever you wanted from the holidays, be that time with family, a day of rest, or a boxload of swag. If I had gotten only this movie with my family, it would have been more than enough.

But the iPod was nice, too. <g>


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