Contests & Giveaways

I just got a note from Nalini Singh that she’s giving away a copy of IMMORTAL OUTLAW today as part of the countdown celebrations for the release of her latest, […]

Sorry this is a bit late. I crunched my neck somehow and haven’t been able to sit at the computer for more than two minutes without screaming in pain. However, […]

Time to Go Lion Hunting!

We’re less than a week away from the official release date of June 2, so maverick copies of IMMORTAL OUTLAW should be starting to turn up around the world. ( […]

Restart: Fast and Furious

No, not these guys, though I wouldn’t mind meeting Vin Diesel. Or Paul Walker, for that matter… Remember back in early February (that long ago?) when I said I was […]

As generated by, the following commenter numbers win: 4 (Dena) 10 (Debbie K.) 13 (Jean) Congratulations! Each of you will receive an ARC of next June’s book, IMMORTAL OUTLAW, […]

This one’s the killer contest I’ve been planning almost since I started the book.  I managed to lay hands on a reproduction Viking amulet, just like the one Ivar wears […]

I just received an email from an on-line pal who spotted copies of IMMORTAL WARRIOR in stacks of books about to be shelved in a mall in Michigan. She gets […]

I announced this on the front page of the website, but I realized I’d better duplicate the news here so my RSS subscribers can get in on the fun: In anticipation […]

I’m on Facebook, both with a Profile — that place to conglomerate your Friends that everyone’s supposed to have — and with a Page, a relatively new venue that’s more […]