Pagetacular Contest

I’m on Facebook, both with a Profile — that place to conglomerate your Friends that everyone’s supposed to have — and with a Page, a relatively new venue that’s more Fan oriented. Pages are for celebs, poiticians, restaurants, places, sports, etc.

The problem is, there’s no way (or at least no obvious way) for people to find your Page unless they already know it’s there (unless, of course, you throw money at Facebook Ads…hmmm).  So, I’m trying a work-around, via the following contest, which has been posted on both my Profile and Page.  Now you, Gentle Reader, can get in on it, too — at least if you’re on, or want to be on, Facebook.

Here’s the deal:

Invite 10 or more of your (non-mutual) Facebook Friends to become Fans of my Page, and you’ll automatically be entered to win an autographed, bound ARC of my upcoming book, IMMORTAL WARRIOR. All you have to do to enter is send out a Facebook Message and include me, Lisa Hendrix, in the recipient list along with those 10 or more other names (I have to be your Friend in order to include me). Next Saturday, August 23, 2008, at noon, I will post the winner’s name in my Page Notes and ship the ARC off Priority Mail just as soon as she or he sends me the address.

So get those fingers typing. Remember, invite them to my Page (not my Profile):

Thanks much for your help.

And for you writer types: I will let you know how well this worked, also on Notes

Addendum: The contest is open to anyone who is or *becomes* a Lisa Hendrix Page Fan before the deadline. In other words, if you join as a new Fan on the Lisa Hendrix Page, even as a result of being invited by someone entering this contest, you can invite your friends, too, and be eligible to win the ARC. Just be sure to follow the entry instructions above.

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