Lisa Hendrix

Wikipedia. Great for preliminary research, though always to be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism, especially those entries on controversial subjects and/or current events. The external links at the […]

I rediscover the fluidity of time with every book I write. A few minutes of research turns into a lost hour. A day vanishes in a quick paragraph. Afternoons compress […]

From a site called MomLogic comes word of the following terrific cause: “Alison Mansfield is a 12-year-old on a mission. Today through Dec.15, 2007, this Fort Wayne, Ind. tween is […]

I am an inveterate doodler. If I have a piece of paper in front of me, I doodle. I illuminate the first letter of sentences, fill in O’s, do perspective […]

6 Random Places to Write

Face it, sometimes things are just too hectic at home to concentrate, or you’re hauling kids to and from events, or you just want different scenery. I have spent a […]