This one’s the killer contest I’ve been planning almost since I started the book.  I managed to lay hands on a reproduction Viking amulet, just like the one Ivar wears […]

I’m over at Deadly Vixens today (“We don’t bite…hard”), blogging on how to prepare your life before heading into writing crunches, whether National Novel Writing Month or a deadline dash. […]

I just received an email from an on-line pal who spotted copies of IMMORTAL WARRIOR in stacks of books about to be shelved in a mall in Michigan. She gets […]

*Word of the Random Day So, yesterday I had occasion to go out in the yard (a rare thing when I’m in deadline mode) and discovered a large pool of […]

WORD* - Synergy

*(Word of the Random Day) The term maverick is being bandied about pretty heavily right now, and every time I hear it, I find myself thinking, “Isn’t that a yearling […]

Free at last

Over at Murderati, JT Ellison continues her series, A Virtual Montparnasse, with a long, thoughtful post on the pleasures and perils of the Internet for writers—a common topic on writers’ […]

Avast ye mateys!

    It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day and  I’m practicing the pirate lingo I learned at the Official ITLAP Website, including the pick-up lines for Lady Pirates (my […]

I announced this on the front page of the website, but I realized I’d better duplicate the news here so my RSS subscribers can get in on the fun: In anticipation […]