WORD* – Impecunious

*Word of the Random Day

So, yesterday I had occasion to go out in the yard (a rare thing when I’m in deadline mode) and discovered a large pool of water by the NW corner of the house, at the place our sprinkler system originates. Plumber (NOT named Joe, or even middle-named Joe) was called, repairs were performed, just shy of $300 exchanged hands, and all was well. Right?

Wrong. This morning, we hear water running when  such sounds should not be heard.  All internal faucets are checked to be sure children have not left water running. No such luck. I put on the shoes, head outside with flashlight (that’s twice, now, I’ve been in my yard in less that 24 hours!), and step in, you guessed it, a large pool of water by the NW corner of the house.  Larger, in fact. Plumbers called again. Water shut off. Much digging. 

The 47 year old galvanized main water line has given up its rust-covered ghost, to the tune of $2200. Make that $2500 — we needed a new backflow prevention valve while we were at it.

Yesterday at 7 am we were pecunious.

Today, we are im.


  1. Oh,yikes! $2200? That sounds like what happens when an air conditioner goes, here in the desert. Much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. So sorry for your troubles. Try to keep smilin’…..


  2. Thanks, Linda. Yeah, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I got on one of my writer loops and one of the women was talking about all the truly painful health problems she’s been having.

    $2500. Not so bad.

  3. Yeah, that will put things right into perspective for you, won’t it? Money? Important, for sure. But not the end of the world. Is your water problem now contained? Or did you purchase some pool toys?

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