A future fan?

Yesterday I received an email from a new fan who had discovered Runaway Bay on her bookshelf (she’s not sure how it got there) and enjoyed it.  I answered, of […]

The power of the human mind

Okay, my science geek side is showing a little in these last couple of posts.  I have a bachelor’s in Biology. It’s part of what makes me a kick-ass researcher. […]

Medieval Dirty Joke

Yep, our English ancestors enjoyed naughty jokes, riddles, and puns, just as much as we do. Inspired by a post by Janelle Denison at Plotmonkeys, I offer this riddle in […]

I found a piece by Steve Martin at the Smithsonian Magazine website today. Even though the title is Being Funny, it’s not really about being funny. It’s about professionalism, finding […]

I have no idea who wrote the following, but with Valentine’s Day coming, I felt posting it was a public service to husbands everywhere. [g] A husband walks into Victoria’s […]