A future fan?

Yesterday I received an email from a new fan who had discovered Runaway Bay on her bookshelf (she’s not sure how it got there) and enjoyed it.  I answered, of course, and we traded a couple of rounds of email.  Then, yesterday afternoon, she sent me this:


Future Fan Abigail

This is Abigail.  Here’s what her mother had to say:


I know this looks like a staged photo but what makes it so great is that it absolutely is not. I had your book on the table and she picked it up. I thought it was rather serendipitous that the same day I correspond with you my daughter gives me this unexpected opportunity for a great photo. 

Now you have photographic proof that your writing appeals to all ages. I think I will keep her away from the love scenes for as long as I can though. I promise to stop crowding your email, this pic was just too cute to keep to myself. 


Okay, I know she should be reading Pat the Bunny, but I can’t help grinning like a fool.  Thanks to her mom, Brooke, for giving me permission to post.



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  1. Too cute! I have a great picture of 13 reading a Kathleen Eagle book when he was a toddler…he was lying next to me in bed while I read my own book (he was supposed to be sleeping and I didn’t know he’d picked up the book from the shelf) and Husband snapped the picture.

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