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Summertime, Summertime

Ah, the joys of summer. Lazy days, hammocks under the maple tree,  corn on the cob, poison ivy… Wait. I live in southern Oregon. We have poison oak, not poison […]

Eavesdropper brownies

My husband hates it that I eavesdrop, but it’s a writer thing. You get the best snippets of dialogue by eavesdropping. Or sometimes you get a great recipe. This one […]

Of white gloves and women

I had one of those mom assignments today—to go out and find white gloves for my son.  Not for prom, but to complete his Cogsworth the Clock costume for his […]

Jiggidy Jig

As in Home Again, Home Again. I went off on a journey with my son and his girlfriend this weekend.  No, no markets involved — rather, it was colleges. They’re […]

Last October, I posted about a terrific explanation of the mortgage crisis that had been done on This American Life. Well, they’ve done it again: Alex Blumberg and NPR’s Adam […]

The $100 Pot of Chili

On Sunday morning, 17 called and asked if he could have some friends over for a last-minute SuperBowl party.  Now this surprised me, because he’s a theater kid and neither […]

My really crappy week

Actually, it had its high point, that being the inauguration of President Obama and the sight of that big Marine helicopter soaring off with his predecessor. (Oorah!) Even as we […]