3-2-1 Launch!

Today’s the day!  IMMORTAL WARRIOR is officially ON SALE (though people have already been buying/reading/loving it). Pick up a copy on your way to the polls so you have something to read while you wait in line. Books and Ballots!

And as the book hits the shelves, I’m hitting the cyber highway with a terrific blog tour organized by Pump Up Your Book Promotion.  I’ll be making two dozen stops this month, at sites large and small, reader-oriented or writer-friendly, or even, in one case, gamer-friendly.  I haven’t had time to get the full schedule into a form that WordPress tolerates, so for now, I’ll just keep you up to date here. Find me  today at:

Writerspace talking about where I write;  (Oops, got the date wrong)

Yankee Romance Reviewers musing about why Viking heroes are so yummy;

and at

Reading with Monie (review today–5 Stars!–and an interview on the 11th)


Visit. Comment. Have fun.

(btw – if you like the sign, you can grab it for your own.  Just click on it, then drag the image to your desktop)


  1. Beggin’ your pardon, but you were rated a five plus, not a five.

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