April 2008

A future fan?

Yesterday I received an email from a new fan who had discovered Runaway Bay on her bookshelf (she’s not sure how it got there) and enjoyed it.  I answered, of […]

Bikini Season is...

a) the Universe’s way of mocking us. b) here, baby, and don’t pretend it isn’t. c) a fun new book by Sheila Roberts. d) motivation to finally lose a few […]

The power of the human mind

Okay, my science geek side is showing a little in these last couple of posts.  I have a bachelor’s in Biology. It’s part of what makes me a kick-ass researcher. […]

The eyes have it

I don’t know how it came up today, but I was thinking about how eyes get described in romance novels.  They’re seldom plain blue or grey.  They’re azure, or cornflower […]