Bookstore Owner Cries Foul

Is all the news about the death of the independent bookstore just so much media hype?

That’s the question raised by Seattle bookseller JB DIckey in a letter to the Seattle Times. Dickey, owner of the Seattle Mystery Bookshop notes that when local independent M. Coy Books closed recently, the Times did a big gloom and doom article on the death of an industry. However, when SMB moved to a bigger space a couple of years back because they were doing so well, the Times utterly ignored their press releases.

To excerpt from Dickey’s letter: “If you want to know how independent booksellers really are doing, come ask us. Reacting to the closing of one bookshop by saying it is another death-knell of an industry simply isn’t fair or correct and can be counterproductive. <…> Why not do a story about how some independents are doing fine because of their customers who want to support small businesses? Isn’t there a story in that?”

The good news? SMB is doing better than ever — 2007 was their best year yet, with a 6.5% increase in sales over 2006.

Read the full letter here.

And do be sure to visit SMB’s website, linked above. Terrific store “For mystery lovers who know what they want and for those who haven’t a clue…”


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