Publishing Industry

Over at the Huffington Post, writer Joanne Rendell provided a terrific report/critique on the recent Princeton Symposium, Love as the Practice of Freedom? Romance Fiction and American Culture. In the […]

Amazon has shown its true colors by de-ranking certain types of books. They call them “adult,” but the designation involves a preponderance of gay/lesbian/transexual books amid the erotica. Don’t think […]

My wonderful in-house publicist, Kathryn Turmen, was interviewed on the Novelists, Inc. blog.  Her list of the steps any author can take to help promote his or her book is […]

So, Wednesday, I had a dinner meeting with a local group of writers, and they asked those of us who had gone to RWA to give a brief rundown of […]

Pre-Conference Roundup

So many bloggers are doing posts about preparing for the RWA National Conference that it’d be stupid and redundant for me to try to add anything. So here’s a roundup […]

Cover Mania

Is something in the air?  Discussions of romance book covers are suddenly all over the web. First I popped into DearAuthor and found Cover Identification, Susan Holloway Scott’s well-illustrated overview […]

Bikini Season is...

a) the Universe’s way of mocking us. b) here, baby, and don’t pretend it isn’t. c) a fun new book by Sheila Roberts. d) motivation to finally lose a few […]