Writing Life

How books get written and bodies get changed. I started the separate blog for my weight loss/fitness effort, New Year, New Ass. There you will find secrets revealed, ideas floated, and […]

because I finished the book, had 12 people for Thanksgiving dinner, and now have line edits to complete. Patience, please.  Just another day or two, and then I have some […]

Hot Monkey Love

Hah! That got your attention (you perv) I’m guest blogging today, Writer Saturday, at PLOT MONKEYS, the jungle home of Carly Phillips, Julie Leto, Janelle Denison, and Leslie Kelly.   […]

Making the following stops for this week: November 10 - The BookWorm – Review   November 10 – Girls on Books – Review November 11 – Reading with Monie – Guest Post on […]