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More Backseat Naughtiness

I’m chatting today at Romance in the Backseat — and I have company!  Delilah Marvelle (LORD OF PLEASURE), Minnette Meador (THE CENTURION AND THE QUEEN) will be joining me, and Elisabeth Naughton may drop in as well.

Come join the fun, 4-8pm Eastern (1-5pm Pacific) at

See you there.


Quick reminder

For those of you in the Portland, OR, area, I wanted to remind you to come out TODAY to the 1st Annual NW Book Festival

Join me, Lisa Hendrix (IMMORTAL OUTLAW), Delilah Marvelle (MISTRESS OF PLEASURE), Minnette Meador (THE CENTURION AND THE QUEEN) and  40 other authors of all genres from poetry to romance to memoir to non-fiction.

Sun, fun, books, and speakers, all celebrating writers and the written word. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday?  You can find more details at the festival website, but the basics are:

Saturday, June 27, 2009
21860 Willamette Drive, West Linn, OR

(Click link for Google Map)

See you there!

A question

A lot of readers are emailing me privately to say how much they love IMMORTAL OUTLAW.  So how come they (and you) are not posting these glowing reviews to Amazon and B&N?

Honestly, public pronouncements of enjoyment are the very best way you can help your favorite authors (whether you include me in that list or not).  So click those links, review away–and while you’re there, review some other book you’ve read.

We’ll all win.

Progress Report


I’m chugging along on my effort to reduce the size of my ass, down, as of this morning, by some 3 pounds. Not the progress I wanted, but progress. If you want to get full details, check out my weight-loss blog at New Year, New Ass.

Motion s has been a bit slow on the book front, as well, but that’s about to change (as soon as I hit post here, in fact). The problem was a huge plot hole that had me stumped, but I decided that the way to fill it was with my body, so I’m leaping in with a Fast Draft, a la Candace Havens. If necessary, I will pull someone in with me.

Yoohoo. Scott?



Step by step

How books get written and bodies get changed.

I started the separate blog for my weight loss/fitness effort, New Year, New Ass. There you will find secrets revealed, ideas floated, and the beginnings of a process I hope will carry me into a more healthy future.  If you’re interested in cheering me on or joining the effort (come on admit it—you can stand to drop a pound or two, and that way we can cheer for each other), click on over. You can participate by commenting or by becoming a Follower.

The next post here will be about the first steps of writing a book, à la Lisa.


Eight Belles

A virtual blanket of roses to the brave, beautiful Eight Belles, lost today after placing second in the Kentucky Derby when both front ankles shattered during the post-race gallop.


My heart goes out to the jockey, trainer, owners, exercise boys/girls, and all who knew and loved her.



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