I’m chatting today at Romance in the Backseat — and I have company!  Delilah Marvelle (LORD OF PLEASURE), Minnette Meador (THE CENTURION AND THE QUEEN) will be joining me, and Elisabeth […]

For those of you in the Portland, OR, area, I wanted to remind you to come out TODAY to the 1st Annual NW Book Festival Join me, Lisa Hendrix (IMMORTAL OUTLAW), […]

A lot of readers are emailing me privately to say how much they love IMMORTAL OUTLAW.  So how come they (and you) are not posting these glowing reviews to Amazon […]

Progress Report

I’m chugging along on my effort to reduce the size of my ass, down, as of this morning, by some 3 pounds. Not the progress I wanted, but progress. If you […]

How books get written and bodies get changed. I started the separate blog for my weight loss/fitness effort, New Year, New Ass. There you will find secrets revealed, ideas floated, and […]

Eight Belles

A virtual blanket of roses to the brave, beautiful Eight Belles, lost today after placing second in the Kentucky Derby when both front ankles shattered during the post-race gallop.   My […]