Pre-Conference Roundup

So many bloggers are doing posts about preparing for the RWA National Conference that it’d be stupid and redundant for me to try to add anything. So here’s a roundup of the best. 

The Wet Noodle Posse at the Rita/GH Ceremony, 2005Wet Noodle Posse—(shown, right, at the 2005 Rita/GH Awards Ceremony, courtesy Ila Campbell)  They’ve been doing a terrific series of conference prep posts all through July, but unfortunately, they haven’t been very consistent with their tagging, so I can’t give you a single link that will get you to just those posts.  Just scroll back through their July 2008 posts to find info on various aspects of getting ready, from shoes to conference etiquette to business cards.  (Btw, you still have time to get cards via your local Office Depot. Even nice, thick, full gloss cards, printed both sides, are under $100 for 1000, but if you’re really on a budget, they have 100 basic cards for just $19.99.)

Plot Monkeys on Getting Ready

The Writing Playground offers a roundup of tips and advice from experienced authors.

And of course, I’d be remiss to leave out the ultimate conference prep resource, RWA’s own Conference FAQ.


If you can’t attend, never fear.  You’re covered, too.

Left Behind — A group of bloggers doing workshops during conference week. Links and Info will be on Karen Duvall’s site.

Plot Monkeys (again!) want some non-attending readers and writers to fill in for them while they’re gone.

Romance Divas are having their  Not Going to Conference Conference on their forums.


Do you know any great links to help someone prepare for conference?  How about turning your stay-at-home experience into a learning experience? Share them in Comments!




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