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When someone asked on Twitter why there were sports hero trading cards but not romance hero trading cards, a bunch of authors (including me) responded with “There should be.”  Fans agreed, and we all got busy, and  RTC’s made their first public appearance at the RT Booklovers Convention in April 2011, just six weeks after that first innocent question, with hundreds of authors on board. (More on RTCs here.)

Get one set of autographed official Immortal Brotherhood RTC’s and a current bookmark by sending a #10 Self-Address Stamped Envelope with 1st Class postage to:

Lisa Hendrix
PO Box 8092
Medford, OR 97501.

International Readers: Send an IRC for one ounce.


You can always get a current bookmark by sending a #10 SASE to the above address. Right now, I have bookmarks for Immortal Champion, featuring the delicious Gunnar. (Mmm…Gunnar). If you don’t want the RTC’s, say so—but the postage will be the same

[Click image to left <== for a better look]


PIY (Print It Yourself) BOOKMARKS:

Don’t have the patience to wait for the mail?  Print bookmarks yourself!

Click on the image to the right ==> to get a pdf file with four bookmarks that you can print for yourself. Designed for US Letter Size (8-1/2″ x 11″). I suggest a cover weight paper for durability. [There’s been a little confusion about these. I do NOT have these bookmarks to send to you. They are strictly for you to print out for yourself.]




I also offer acid-free, Immortal Brotherhood themed book plates, which I can personalize to you. They’re a terrific way to get your book signed long distance, or to get an autograph if you use an e-reader (you can get an old fashioned autograph book and stick bookplate in, plus collect signatures from authors at signings).  Send an SASE to the address shown above, and be sure to let me know that you want bookplates, how many, and how they should be personalized.  If you also want a set of RTCs and the current bookmark, you’ll need to add extra postage.



If you’re a Bookseller who wants promotional material for your store or a Blogger in search of swag for giveaways, please use the form on the Contact Page to make your request.

Readers Group Leaders who would like multiples of anything for your group, please use the form on the Readers Group Page.

Follow the action…

Explore the locations in all the Immortal Brotherhood books via interactive Google Maps with my personal notes. The current book is featured in the imaged map, with maps for the earlier books linked below.

View Immortal Champion in a larger map

View a map of the quest in IMMORTAL OUTLAW HERE

And see IMMORTAL WARRIOR locations HERE.

And while you’re here…

Check out this cool interactive, multimedia Runestone that’s on exhibit in a Danish museum.

Down the road…

I have plans for desktop wallpapers, site badges, banners, and assorted extras, plus links to favorite research sites, info for readers and writers, and sites you can visit for just plain fun.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t already discovered LOLCats (where have you been, darling?), click here.