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Readers Group Questions for IMMORTAL CHAMPION (.pdf format)

Readers Group Questions for IMMORTAL OUTLAW (.pdf format)

Readers Group Questions for IMMORTAL WARRIOR (.pdf format)

From Medieval Romance Reviews

“Book Clubs:  Lisa Hendrix’s website has a handy PDF list of reader group questions.   With its richness of detail, rich character portraits, dynamic plot, historical and above all magical detail, I believe this book would be an excellent choice for book clubs.  Quite simply, there is plenty here to facinate and provide for lively discussions.  . . .  The blend of paranormal and historical romance together makes this a fun choice for a varied group.”

(Actually, the whole review is quite spectacular, and this reviewer is a medieval scholar who mentions all the literary and historical influences in the first book. Check it out at )

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speakerphoneWould your book club or readers group like to chat with Lisa about Immortal Champion or any of her other books? Just have your bookstore owner or group leader fill out the form below, telling  a little about your group. Be sure to include the date you’ll be discussing the book. A representative will contact you to set up a time, and Lisa will call you for a half-hour conversation. You can ask questions, make comments, talk about the the history…whatever. All you need is a speaker phone or a computer that will handle a Skype connection. Everything else will be taken care of at this end, and your group will also receive a package of goodies for everyone to share, along with one special door prize to raffle off.

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