Time to Go Lion Hunting!

We’re less than a week away from the official release date of June 2, so maverick copies of IMMORTAL OUTLAW should be starting to turn up around the world. ( UPDATE: I have a report of a purchase in Missouri as of 5/26)



Be among the first to spot Steinarr in the wild and you’ll be entered to win this snazzy, long-handled canvas tote—perfect for carrying books to the beach—with the Immortal Outlaw cover on one side and my new Viking Beast logo on the other. And there will be goodies in the bag, too.

Just tell me about your close encounter with the King of Beasts in the Comments below, noting when and where you spotted copies of IMMORTAL OUTLAW, and you’ll be entered.  I’m interested in either the first places the book shows up or the most unusual/wide-ranging locale. The drawing will take place on June 20.

Also, if you’re lucky enough snap a photo of Steinarr in his natural habitat, email it to me  (lisa at lisahendrix dot com — you know the drill) and I’ll post it for all to enjoy. Be silly. Be creative. Be wild. Anyone who sends a verifiable pic of a copy for sale in Vanuatu or Tristan da Cunha gets ten extra entries in the drawing  //g//.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your eyeballs.

Oh, and please, please, pretty please, after you finishing reading Steinarr and Marian’s story, go post a review on Amazon or B&N.com. Reader reviews and word of mouth are the life-blood of writers whose initials are not N.R.   Thank you!


  1. Hope to win some great reading

  2. I just bought a copy of Immortal Outlaw at a NYC Borders. I checked B&N and they didn’t have it. Please enter me into the contest.

  3. Hey Lisa,

    I just learned about this contest this morning!

    I didn’t spot Steinarr until I went to the Borders in Williamsville, NY on Tuesday (June 2nd) to buy my copy! I talked my mom into getting Immortal Warrior and Immortal Outlaw also! I know she’ll love em too.

  4. BTW, that tote bag is freakin awesome!!

  5. Steinarr spotted at Borders in Memphis, Tn.

  6. I got it at BAM in Casselberry, FL. on 6/2-Loving it.

  7. I spotted it in Michigan at the local walmart when i went grocery shopping on june 4th at 3:00 pm.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I was lucky because I won a copy of your book from Romance Junkies! I am loving it and I want to get the first book, Immortal Warrior to read also. Perhaps there may be a copy in that awesome tote bag I would so love to win?

  9. Found my copy at Wal-Mart in Springfield Missouri on June 9th. Loved the first book and am anxious to start this one.

  10. I would like to win this

  11. I found my copy at my local gaming store, Stormwatch Comics, in West Berlin, NJ.

  12. I went hunting for it on release day! I went to my local B&N, and went to the top floor, and there the scouring had begun. I looked high and low for it, and didn’t turn up any results. Where it should have been on the bookcase, was a few others books. It was by luck that when I went to where the bathrooms were, I happened to look at the end of the bookcase nearest, and there it was. Only two copies there. But, there wasn’t a copy of Immortal Warrior there (I hadn’t owned a copy of that either and was going to indulge ;)) Come to find out it was out of stock. So I went home and ordered it from Amazon!

    Okay, I’m done babbling with my story!

  13. I had just finished reading Immortal Warrior and was thinking it was a fairly new release and not expecting to see anything new in this series for awhile. I was so excited when I found it at Walmart (where my husband & I were suppose to just run in and run out) As I had just finished the 1st book in the series I was so excited to see the 2nd there and immediatly picked it up and went to the register where my husband of 24 years promptly says “you still trying to find your WARRIOR HERO huh?”. I just roll my eyes because although I love reading yours and many other authors he is my one and only WARRIOR HERO. But Ivar, Brand, Ari, Steinarr & Torvald are giving him a run for his money. Just promise that in the end Ari finds a love of his own. Thanks so much for writing the types of books you do – it’s good to go to a world so different from your own sometimes.

  14. Did a safai yesterday looking for : Immortal Warrior. Saw it at both of our B&N’s any our Super Wall-Mart but not at the two smaller Wall-Marts in town.

  15. Deep in the wilds of southeast Missouri I began my quest for the fabled IMMORTAL WARRIOR; highly-anticipated and yet,elusive.
    My first stop-the brick-and mason joint called a library, open to the public yet solemnly quiet,chills ran down my spine as I haunted the ‘stacks’ with their labyrinthine dark corners. Fiction was my aim and I found plenty but the WARRIOR remained out of reach. I left this shadowy quiet place in search of big city light-Cape G-just 30 miles away. Surely that was the mecca for all things cultural and current,it was a college town. The local Wal-Mart was my unexpected point of victory. And sweet it was ,the smell of fresh print,the oh-so-gentle breaking of the spine,all the pleasures a paper book holds. I fairly danced to the register to make my purchase and drove happily and successfully back home.

  16. I bought my copy of IMMORTAL OUTLAW at Borders in Virginia Beach. They only had 1 copy!

  17. June 10,2009
    Borders Waterford, Connecticut

    Had just picked up Immortal Warrior last month but waited to read it until I picked up Immortal Outlaw. I like to read books together. I loved Immortal Warrior it was hard to put it down to go to bed.

  18. I loved Immortal warrior and couldn’t wait for immortal outlaw . I spotted the book a barnes and noble and borders I bought it at borders and can’t wait to start it and past the book to my friend. We live in Wappingers Falls NY

  19. Bought my copy at The Book Rack

  20. I know the contest is over but I wanted to let you know that I was at Hastings in Dodge City, KS about two weeks ago looking for new books to read and came across both The Immortal Warrior and The Immortal Outlaw and thought they looked good (they were!) and decided to get them.

  21. Jennifer — This is just too fun. I’m from Kansas (eastern part — though I’ve been through Dodge) and I come from a clan of Hickses.

    Thanks so much for posting. And the rest of you…Continue, please!

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