#1 Requirement for Twitter Clients…

…apparently involves including a screenshot with an inane comment of my husband’s.  Yep another one, this time on Syrinx from MRR Software (link on the image).  That’s him, third one down (second human).


If you can’t read it, it says:


Considering ingredient list for pizza and wondering if I should make enough for the boy that isn’t home yet.




Yes, he cooks, Actually makes pizza dough from scratch…part of the reason I love him.



  1. Hi Lisa!!! Came to visit when I heard about your books from a chat tonight 🙂 So excited, they are going to be so good!

    Ah, it is good to have a hubby as a good cook too!
    Never heard of Twitter but looks like a blog or something, I shall check it out.

    Again, great to meet you! Cathie, a reader

  2. @Caffey

    Welcome! Yep, the husband-as-cook is a good thing. Tonight I got to go out with friends and didn’t have to worry about anyone starving. But even better is when I eat at home and he cooks for me. Way better cook than I am.

    Twitter is a sort of microblog, consisting of short, pithy comments, called “tweets.” Tweets are very short—140 characters only—so they can be texted from your cell phone as a running commentary on your day. You gradually find people you enjoy following, and you hope people enjoy following you. My dh kind of “hangs out” with a group of developers. I haven’t figured out if he’s getting picked up in these screenshots because he’s funny or just frequent.

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