Blog Day 2008 — Pick Five

Today is Blog Day.

I didn’t even know there was a Blog Day, until Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation told me.  According to the Blog Day website:

“BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors. With the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.”

My question is, how do I limit it to five?

Wet Noodle Posse

Manuscript Mavens

Writers Technology Companion

Fangs, Fur, and Fey

Open Book (Stephanie Bond)


and of course, Rose City Romance Writers

I could keep going.  And I will, over time, on my Links Page.

Happy surfing.


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