May 2008

They're singing my song

I have a couple of Google Alerts set up to let me know when references to my books appear on-line. So far, most of the references to Immortal Warrior I […]

On love and latex

On one of the reader-oriented email lists I’m on, the group moderator (who is brilliant at starting up good discussions) recently asked what everyone thought about condoms in romance novels. […]

Cover Mania

Is something in the air?  Discussions of romance book covers are suddenly all over the web. First I popped into DearAuthor and found Cover Identification, Susan Holloway Scott’s well-illustrated overview […]

Eight Belles

A virtual blanket of roses to the brave, beautiful Eight Belles, lost today after placing second in the Kentucky Derby when both front ankles shattered during the post-race gallop.   My […]