February 2008

Beauty in everyday items

I followed a link from BoingBoing today and discovered the wonderful blog for PingMag, “The Tokyo based magazine about Design and Making Things.” They cover all sorts of traditional and […]

Medieval Dirty Joke

Yep, our English ancestors enjoyed naughty jokes, riddles, and puns, just as much as we do. Inspired by a post by Janelle Denison at Plotmonkeys, I offer this riddle in […]

Sloppy, sloppy

I’ve noticed my speech patterns getting lazy–full of stuff, sort of, like, um, this. I don’t want my writing to get that way, so I’m working on it, and I’ve […]

A Date to Make You Go Aaah…

…Romantic Movies and Molten Chocolate Cake. Not everyone wants to spend Valentine’s evening in an overpriced restaurant. Some of us like to curl up next to the person we love […]

Lilliputia Through a Lens

Remember those dioramas we used to do as kids? Well, one of my favorite diversions Boing-Boing (“A directory of wonderful things”), has an article today on Lori Nix, an artist […]

I found a piece by Steve Martin at the Smithsonian Magazine website today. Even though the title is Being Funny, it’s not really about being funny. It’s about professionalism, finding […]

My favorite technology blog, LifeHacker: tips and downloads for getting things done, had a great post today linking to 10 *free* online writing courses. The original article from Education Portal […]