Sorry this is a bit late. I crunched my neck somehow and haven’t been able to sit at the computer for more than two minutes without screaming in pain. However, […]

Eavesdropper brownies

My husband hates it that I eavesdrop, but it’s a writer thing. You get the best snippets of dialogue by eavesdropping. Or sometimes you get a great recipe. This one […]

Amazon has shown its true colors by de-ranking certain types of books. They call them “adult,” but the designation involves a preponderance of gay/lesbian/transexual books amid the erotica. Don’t think […]

My hubby's famous!

Andrew Stone (Stone Design) wrote an app called Twittelator for the new iPhone 2.0, and to show it off on the iTunes Store, he took a screen snap of his […]

They're singing my song

I have a couple of Google Alerts set up to let me know when references to my books appear on-line. So far, most of the references to Immortal Warrior I […]

How about burning 600 Calories a day while writing with a treadmill desk? And here’s info on how to buy or build one. I am so there Mega-thanks to Jonathan […]

Lilliputia Through a Lens

Remember those dioramas we used to do as kids? Well, one of my favorite diversions Boing-Boing (“A directory of wonderful things”), has an article today on Lori Nix, an artist […]