My hubby's famous!

Andrew Stone (Stone Design) wrote an app called Twittelator for the new iPhone 2.0, and to show it off on the iTunes Store, he took a screen snap of his phone.  Right at the top — a Twitter from my husband, David. Woo-hoo!


Twittelator loves David

(click to enlarge)

By the way, there’s a new version of iTunes you should download now, before the servers go crazy on the phone launch Friday.  It includes the new Applications area of the store, chock full of iPhone apps, including Twittelator…and my dh.




  1. Just glad to see it was something so, uh, profound…

  2. Cool!

    Will the new version of iTunes keep it from randomly opening and stopping a Shut Down? That has been particularly irritating.

  3. Amy — Never had that problem, except when I had iTunes up in the background and forgot about it and failed to exit the program. Then it did hang up. But it’s never launched on its own in the 18 mos or so I’ve had my MacBook.

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