Policy, er, glitch, er…it's the French!

Amazon still hasn’t come up with an acceptable explanation for what happened over the weekend.  Or rather, they’ve come up with so many that it’s clear they’re vamping in the hope we’ll forget.  We won’t.

I could go through the whole thing, but others have done it and given better analyses than I could manage, so I’ll send you off to them (please do remember to come back…):

Amazonfail: Post Mortem by Kassia Krozser at Booksquare.

Amazon = Fail by “the angry black woman” at Alas, a Blog

The Amazon Fail by Hugh at The Book Oven.  He also offers a suggestion to publishers that would diffuse some of the big A’s power and  keep a similar decision/error/”glitch” from causing such a significant hit to a particular segment of books. Publishers, are you paying attention?

Go forth, become educated, and understand why monopolies are bad and what you can do to help. While you’re gone, I’ll be working on my links to offer readers choices beyond Bezos.

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