July 2008

Last lazy morning

I’m laying here in bed at a friend’s house in Dublin, CA, enjoying a final few moments before the week of craziness begins.  In  a couple of hours, I’ll hop […]

Is it that time again already?

Apparently so.  Today is my regular monthly blog slot at Rose City Romance Writers.  The topic of the month is research, which could be boring, but has turned out not to be […]

Pre-Conference Roundup

So many bloggers are doing posts about preparing for the RWA National Conference that it’d be stupid and redundant for me to try to add anything. So here’s a roundup […]

My hubby's famous!

Andrew Stone (Stone Design) wrote an app called Twittelator for the new iPhone 2.0, and to show it off on the iTunes Store, he took a screen snap of his […]