Immortal Warrior cover is here…

Immortal Warrior cover, med

…and I cannnot tell you how pleased I am with it.  The initial idea came from my editor, and then the terrific Art Department at Berkley put it all together. Between them, they’ve captured the feel of the story perfectly.


This is always the most exciting part of the process for me, next to the day the finished book lands in my hand.  It used to be that we never saw the art until we got the cover flat. Now we get preliminary artwork, then the finished covers, via email.  We still get the actual cover flats, which are front, back, and spine printed all on one sheet, with a fold-over that includes information for the sales reps to use (quotes, reviews, previous sales info, etc.). But although it’s fun—and useful—to have them, the thrill comes when you first get to see the art with the title font and how they’ve put it all together.


And honestly, is this young man a hunk, or what? To get a better look at that six-pack,  check out a larger version here.






  1. Gorgeous cover!

    A good cover is worth it’s weight (book included) in gold (or oil, these days).

    This one is beautiful.

    Congrats to you.

  2. Beautiful! I’d like to meet him…great design, colors, all the right stuff. And the website day/night thing is incredible too. Love you and congratulations. -Bubbles

  3. I am so excited for you! The cover looks great. I can’t wait until it comes out. All my fellow readers are getting Immortal Warrior for christmas this year. They will be thrilled to open their gift and see that cover!

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