August 2008

My wonderful in-house publicist, Kathryn Turmen, was interviewed on the Novelists, Inc. blog.  Her list of the steps any author can take to help promote his or her book is […]

Sometimes, people say things in a way that make me laugh or cry. Things that make my heart sing. Things that I would like to have said myself, or that […]

Make your own Viking spoon

Okay, maybe not.  But here’s someone who did, and it’s fun to see how he did it. Since there’s a scene in IMMORTAL WARRIOR in which the the serfs at Alnwick […]

I’m on Facebook, both with a Profile — that place to conglomerate your Friends that everyone’s supposed to have — and with a Page, a relatively new venue that’s more […]

So, Wednesday, I had a dinner meeting with a local group of writers, and they asked those of us who had gone to RWA to give a brief rundown of […]


I finally caught my breath, I think.  It’s taken me this long to decompress from conference. That’s mostly due to the fact that I was away for just shy of […]

The RWA National Conference ended Saturday evening with the presentation of the Rita and Golden Heart awards, and people are bugging me about why I haven’t posted a conference wrap […]