Lots of folks are marking the date today by buying lottery tickets. For me, it’s a reminder of how heavily the number nine figures in the Immortal Brotherhood books: Nine […]

Harworth Village

Although it lies almost due east of Maltby, which is in South Yorkshire, the little village of Harworth is a part of Nottinghamshire–barely. It’s name comes from the Old English […]

The Priory of Kirklees

Left nearly powerless by the wounds she received during the battle at the end of Immortal Warrior, Cwen the sorceress found refuge in the nunneries of England, eventually ending up […]

Make your own Viking spoon

Okay, maybe not.  But here’s someone who did, and it’s fun to see how he did it. Since there’s a scene in IMMORTAL WARRIOR in which the the serfs at Alnwick […]

Is it that time again already?

Apparently so.  Today is my regular monthly blog slot at Rose City Romance Writers.  The topic of the month is research, which could be boring, but has turned out not to be […]