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Happy New Year’s

Posted by Lisa Hendrix on March 1, 2012
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Blank Page

OK, I know it’s not New Year’s Day in the modern western world, but using January 1 as the start of the civil year is fairly recent. For much of the Middle Ages, the year was considered to begin either at Christmas or on March 15 (the start of spring). In fact, in England, the official switch to a January 1 start for the year only happened in 1752.

As for why I’m personally starting the year late: frankly, this January pretty much sucked for me. I had pneumonia that took me out for the whole month, and February was spent catching up on everything I got behind on and getting my energy back. So I’ve decided to make a fresh start to 2012, and make this, March 1, my New Year’s Day. My blank page.

Part of filling that blank page is to reactivate this blog, which I basically abandoned about a year ago.  Later today, I’m going to sit down and create a blog schedule and brainstorm ideas for posts. One of my ideas is to devote each month to developing a new skill or habit or learning something new and documenting that, along with, of course, updates on my books, snippets of the Work in Progress, and other news. But I’d also like your input for both the blog and my upcoming site refresh.

Tell me:

What do you like to see on an author blog? Whose blog keeps you going back over and over and why? What kinds of things get you excited about an author’s website? Are there extras/widgets you particularly enjoy?

Answer in comments and I’ll pick one commenter to win their choice of my books.

2 Responses to “Happy New Year’s”

  1. I’m probably not the best person for this job, because I’m pretty sporadic about visiting blogs.

    I was thinking you might include posts about something historical, some research you did for a particular event in one of your books, or some interesting fact that, maybe, took you by surprise. Because you cover a few different centuries, you could even show how something (anything from clothes to attitudes or practical – eating, silverware, travel, clothes storage) changed over the ages.

    Oh, I see that you’ve got your weight loss posted, so you might consider devoting the occasional blog to something weight-loss related. (Could be a particular recipe, or your search to find food you like, or adventures in exercise. And how you incorporate them into your writing life. E.g., how hard it can be to shop/cook/eat healthy when you’re writing. Last days of deadline don’t count. )

    So those are ideas that you can do maybe once a month, or even twice, if you need more topics. But I think I’d like to see a regular once-a-month a post on either or both topics.

  2. @LoriA —

    Looks like you’re the winner. Decide which of my books you’d like and email me via the Contact page, and I’ll get that out to you.

    — Lisa

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