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Gadzooks! New Books!

Posted by Lisa Hendrix on December 12, 2009
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I admit it: I’ve been a total flake about posting. I had a legitimate excuse, at least at first. I returned home from the Emerald City conference (back in the first part of October) to find my husband and Child2 both in the grip of H1N1.  I shifted into nurse mode and ignored everything else. They started to get better, then both got pneumonia.

Then I got sick.  Just for a variation, my H1N1 decided to turn into bronchitis, which took two, count ’em two, rounds of antibiotics to knock down (the second one was a big gun—one of the drugs of choice for anthrax). Even after the drugs worked, I spent the next six weeks alternately sleeping and coughing like a coal miner. When I finally got back on my feet, I told myself I needed to ignore the blog and start writing.


Because, you see, while I was up north way back at the first of October, before all the sickness, Igot the call—Berkley picked up the next two Immortal Brotherhood books!  Yep, Gunnar and Torvald are getting their turns.  I was actually in a parking lot in Tacoma, getting ready to attend the biggest readers group meeting I’ve ever seen, when my agent called my cell. It was a blast getting to go in and tell the ladies the news.

IMMORTAL CHAMPION (Gunnar’s story) will be out in January 2011. IMMORTAL WHATSIT (no, that’s not the actual title, I just haven’t thought of the right one yet) in October 2011.

Yeah, 2011. Not 2010. My fault, entirely. (I warned you I’m not a fast writer). That’s a heck of a wait between books, but I already have plans to keep you happy bydoing a short or two to come out in the gap.  I’ll pass on more details later, i.e. after I figure them out. In the meantime, if there’s a character from the first two books you’d like to read more about, please tell me in the Comments, below.

Anyway, I’m fully healthy again, and even though I’m on a tight deadline (IMMORTAL CHAMPION is due to the editor on February 1), I intend to get this blog back on track, so stay tuned for that post on Sudwell (Southwell) Minster that I promised back in Mmmmrph.  And make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter, so you can stay updated on books, shorts, extras, appearances, and whatever else I may be up to.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some exciting news about IMMORTAL OUTLAW.

And yes, that picture is there because Gunnar is a bull—perhaps the first were-bull in romance fiction. Am I cutting edge, or crazy? Only time will tell…

[History Footnote: Gadzooks is a late 17th c. alteration of the term “God’s hooks,” referring to the nails on the Cross. English was full of such references/exclamations during the Middle Ages & Renaissance: God’s knees, God’s toes, God’s truth. Over the years, the God part was altered to gad and tacked to miscellaneous odd second elements so the language ended up with terms like Gadsbobs,  Gadsnigs,  Gadsbudlikins,  and  Gadswookers. Sometimes, the word was contracted to leave only the possessive S, giving us exclamations like ‘struth, and the more familiar  zounds (God’s wounds). The Gads went out of fashion so quickly that they were already considered humorously archaic by the time RD Blackmore used Gadzooks in Lorna Doone in 1869. Nowadays, British literary critics refer to their use as a cheap way to set a time period as gadzookery.]

QUESTION:  Which secondary or minor character(s) from IMMORTAL WARRIOR or IMMORTAL OUTLAW would you like to see featured in a short story?

5 Responses to “Gadzooks! New Books!”

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  2. I would like to see William Scathelocke, AKA Will Scarlet, featured in a short story.

  3. Vicki — Great idea. I hadn’t thought of Will, but he would be a fun one! A total rogue, in need of redemption by love.

  4. It would also be interesting to see find out what becomes of young Thomas (Tom) from “Immortal Warrior”.

  5. Tom was the first one that came to mind. I was also thinking about Robin/Robert, but I was curious if anyone had other preferences.

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